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उत्पादन वर्णन

HT series high temperature and high pressure fan is a product specially designed for the working condition as a circulating fan in a closed system.

In order to maintain a higher reaction efficiency in such systems, there are often higher temperatures and pressures in the system. Since the main material of the Roots blower is generally made of cast iron, the material may be annealed or even graphitized at high temperature, and there is a hidden danger of the body explosion under high pressure. The general rubber seals are prone to aging and failure at high temperatures. At the same time, bearings under high temperature conditions are prone to bearing failure due to the transformation of the metallographic structure of the material. These conditions put forward a series of harsh Claim.

The HT Roots blower dedicated to high temperature and high pressure has been specially optimized and improved for the above conditions. Creatively proposed an open-type, water-cooled integrated bearing housing structure. The open-type body is used to relieve the high pressure while avoiding the transmission of high temperature to the bearing, and the risk of flashover caused by the leakage of the lubricant in the gear box into the body is eliminated. The existence of the water-cooled structure adds double insurance to the protection of the bearing, which effectively improves the stability of the body, extends the life, and reduces the temperature of the whole machine.

At the same time, HT high-temperature and high-pressure fans, a large number of mechanical seals and PTFE seals are used to effectively avoid the defects of ordinary rubber parts that fail at high temperatures.

The following is the process schematic diagram and achievable parameter standard of HT high temperature and high pressure fan for special working conditions.


● इंपेलर प्रोफाइल: अद्वितीय तीन-ब्लेड शंख प्रोफाइल, लहान वायु प्रवाह स्पंदन, उच्च व्हॉल्यूमेट्रिक कार्यक्षमता, उच्च कार्यक्षमता, ऊर्जा बचत, कमी आवाज आणि सूक्ष्म कंपन;

● ट्रान्समिशन मोड: थेट कनेक्शन;

● इनलेट आणि आउटलेट: अद्वितीय डायमंड-आकार इनलेट संरचना, गुळगुळीत हवा सेवन;

● गियर: पाच-स्तरीय अचूक गियर, उच्च प्रसारण अचूकता, कमी आवाज;

● तेल टाकी: एकल / दुहेरी तेल टाकीची रचना पर्यायी, लवचिक कॉन्फिगरेशन आहे;

● Cooling: General water cooling structure, special circulating water cooling device, circulating oil cooling device are optional;

● Body layout: traditional layout, compact dense type

मुख्य वैशिष्ट्य

◆ प्रवाह दर: 0.6 ~ 713.8m³ / मिनिट;

◆ दबाव वाढवणे: 9.8 ~ 98kPa;

◆ Applicable speed: 490/580/730/980 / 1450RPM;

◆ कमाल तापमान प्रतिकार: 500 ℃;

◆ Maximum pressure: 1.2MPa;

◆ Water cooling switching temperature: 90 ℃;

विशेष अनुप्रयोग

Note: High temperature and high pressure conditions are complex, and selection is difficult. Please contact our company in advance for communication.