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इनडोअर मेटल आर्मर्ड रिमूव्हेबल स्विचगियर

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उत्पादन वर्णन
1प्रस्थापित दराचा विद्युतदाबkV24
2इन्सुलेशन पातळी1min power frequency withstand voltagekV65 (79
Lightning impulse withstand voltagekV125 (145
3रेट केलेली वारंवारताHz50
4Main bus rated currentA630, 1250, 16002000, 25002500, 3150, 4000
5रेट केलेले शॉर्ट-टाईम वर्तमान सहन करतेkA16, 20, 2525, 31.531.5, 40, 50
6रेट केलेले शिखर वर्तमान सहन करतेkA40, 50, 6363, 8080, 100, 125
7क्रिपेज अंतरmm/kV20
8संरक्षण पातळी
IP4X (IP2X after the cabinet door is opened)



● The cabinet body is assembled by multiple bending of aluminum-zinc plate, which avoids the error caused by welding, and the processing and assembly accuracy of the cabinet body is high.

● Adopt a center-mounted layout, mechanical stability and good interchangeability.

● Using D-type or O-type busbars, and epoxy resin vulcanization process, to achieve full insulation, improve the distribution of the electric field in the cabinet, and improve the overall insulation level of the switchgear.

● The device is equipped with a variety of blocking functions: such as the electric entry and exit of the circuit breaker trolley, the electric opening and closing operation of the ground switch, etc., which can prevent the operator from entering the live interval by mistake.

● The entry and exit operation of the circuit breaker trolley, the opening and closing operation of the grounding switch, and the opening and closing operation of the circuit breaker can all be electrically operated. And the PLC is used to measure and control the operation procedures of the on-off operation to realize the programmed operation. Use the touch screen as the man-machine interface, and operate the corresponding parts on the simulation diagram provided by the touch screen.

विशेष अनुप्रयोग

Note: Anything beyond the scope of the above requirements shall be determined by the user in consultation with the manufacturer. For special places, such as underground substations, unattended substations and other poor operating conditions, constant temperature cooling equipment should be added indoors to improve product operating conditions and ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment.