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उत्पादन वर्णन

The main applications of Roots blowers in the pneumatic conveying industry include: chemical industry, grain conveying, desulfurization and ash conveying, cement industry, powder conveying, etc.

The main feature of pneumatic conveying conditions is that the blower starts and stops frequently, the instantaneous pressure is high, and there may be pipe blockage.

AT series pneumatic conveying Roots blower has stable quality, precise clerance control, and more power surplus of the whole machine, which can ensure the smooth start of the blower under high-pressure conditions and avoid pipe blockage; in the impact environment, the impeller clearance is stable and the whole machine Running smoothly.

Once the pipe blockage in pneumatic conveying occurs, it is easy to cause equipment accidents. An imported brand blower in the corn gluten meal transportation project of a grain group in Liaoning, due to insufficient equipment surplus power, the strength of the whole machine is limited, a pipe blockage occurs during long-distance transportation, causing the equipment to stop instantly, and a large amount of compressed gas in the pipeline The air spring effect, the rebound of the air column impact disintegration of the entire device.

During the transformation of the project, according to the material characteristics of corn gluten powder with high viscosity and easy settling, our company chose a leaf type with large air flow pulsation, and used high-strength products with low shaft power, large excess power, and no step design of the main shaft. Configuration, successfully achieve 500M horizontal distance, 30M head ultra-long distance transportation, and safe and stable operation to date.


Fan site disintegrated by airflow

In the desulfurization and ash transportation industry, there is an instantaneous high pressure above 80kPa. In view of this working condition, the AT series pneumatic conveying fan is preset with a cooling air duct in the structural design, which can operate stably under the corresponding working condition without additional water cooling pipes, which simplifies product configuration and saves operating costs.


● इंपेलर प्रोफाइल: अद्वितीय तीन-ब्लेड शंख प्रोफाइल, लहान वायु प्रवाह स्पंदन, उच्च व्हॉल्यूमेट्रिक कार्यक्षमता, उच्च कार्यक्षमता, ऊर्जा बचत, कमी आवाज आणि सूक्ष्म कंपन;

● ट्रान्समिशन मोड: बेल्ट, थेट कनेक्शन;

● इनलेट आणि आउटलेट: अद्वितीय डायमंड-आकार इनलेट संरचना, गुळगुळीत हवा सेवन;

● गियर: पाच-स्तरीय अचूक गियर, उच्च प्रसारण अचूकता, कमी आवाज;

● तेल टाकी: एकल / दुहेरी तेल टाकीची रचना पर्यायी, लवचिक कॉन्फिगरेशन आहे;

● Cooling: air-cooled and water-cooled universal, can be switched conveniently;

● Body layout: traditional layout, compact dense structure

मुख्य वैशिष्ट्य

◆ प्रवाह दर: 0.6 ~ 713.8m³ / मिनिट;

◆ दबाव वाढवणे: 9.8 ~ 98kPa;

◆ लागू गती: 500 ~ 2000RPM;

◆ Water cooling switching temperature: 90 ℃ (corresponding to 58.8kPa pressure);

विशेष अनुप्रयोग

Note: Any complicated working conditions involving high altitude operation, low frequency operation, low density gas transportation (helium), etc., please contact with our technician team in advance.